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BMA AR 65th Annual Session

The 65th Annual Session of the BMA of Arkansas will be held November 6-7, 2014 at Central Baptist College in Conway, AR. 

2014 Annual Message Bro. Ron Fields;  Alternate Bro. David Inzer

Additional information may be found online at the Baptist Trumpet

You may submit your annual letter by mail or online.  Offerings for the minute fund & clerk hire may be submitted at the meeting or mailed to the Recording Clerk: 

Wes Hulvey
904 S 13th St
Rogers, AR  72758
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Online Giving option (see poll on left of this page). 
Are you or your church interested in electronic copies of the Minute Books from the annual session?  Please send us an email to let us know your preference:  2 mailed copies (as in the past); CD mailed (pdf file for your computer); Download a copy from the internet; or a combination of those three (3) options.  Questions or comments may be directed to Wes Hulvey via email.
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