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Through the remainder of June 2020 we will meet on Sunday mornings at 10am for worship and Wednesday at 6:30pm for Bible study.  We know there are still concerns regarding the potential spread of a covid-19.  We want to empower you to worship at home and minister to those around you.  While we are not all meeting together, ministry continues.  You may give online or mail a check to our office to donate to SMBC to continue sharing the Gospel.  Here are some great resources to consider...

Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) Online resources for further study

AiG will allow everyone access to the virtual SS ABC DigitalBeta if you want to try something new from 2nd Edition! 

Order Answers in Genesis resources for yourself & your family and support SMBC. 

Here are some great resources that we love (scroll or click for full or current SS resources): 

Reasons for Hope* has some online resources to watch on youtube (all ages) Family Council.
Living Waters Wallbuilders to read Bible online (or get the free app) Lifeword
Research Christian Colleges that uphold Creation (Fall college expo info)

Read about the recent Pastor's Conference Call

with VP Pence & President Trump! 

Pilgrim's Progress movie (watch online free from Revelation Media; just signup)

Missed I Still Believe in theaters?  You can rent it online (Christian Cinema; or your favorite digital platform) for $19.99 to watch at home!

Spring 2020 Sunday School our focus is Year 3 Quarter 3 in our 4 year journey through the Bible.  Here's the lessons in a quick glance with resource material in the 1st Edition that we currently use:

Download full adult student bookFamily Devotionals

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Lesson 6

Lesson 7

Lesson 8

Lesson 9

3/15/20 Lesson 10 

4/5/20 Lesson 11

4/12/20 is Easter Sunday.  We will have a family worship at 10am. 

4/19/20 Lesson 12


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