Work Day

Work Day 2019 Projects

We have several items that you can help us work on.  Saturday, Jan 26, 2019 is our first work day for 2019.  If Saturday does not work, please sign up for a day of your choice to help with project(s).  

All rooms need completely cleaned and disinfected (there has been a lot of illness in NWA).  Choose: Teen Room; Sparks Room; Cubbies Room; Pew Room; Library; Nursery; Kitchen; Foyer; Auditorium; Fellowship Hall

Kitchen Remodel

Library reorganization

Storage shed reorganization

Adjust/tighten Doorknobs, fixtures, etc.  

Check/Replace HVAC filters   

All blinds need cleaned (auditorium; foyer)

Pews need to be cleaned with wood cleaner/polish and song book holders.  

Ceiling fans need to cleaned.

Attic needs to have sheating placed to create and organize storage.

All windows and glass doors need cleaned (inside and outside). 


Other items as noted by janitorial staff and building/grounds committee will be posted as available.